St John Island Information

St. John Island USVI
In the years since tourism took over much of the Caribbean economy, few islands can claim to have left nearly all of their tropical land undeveloped – except St. John. The smallest of the United States Virgin Islands at 20 square miles (53 square km), fully two thirds of St. John USVI has been protected as a lush national park. St. John’s 5,000 residents share this natural playground, and their desire to retain the island’s natural beauty has created a sense of community on St. John that any visitor is bound to feel. Some useful information about St. John USVI:

The American dollar is used throughout the Virgin Islands, including St. John, but foreign currency can be exchanged at all major bank branches on the island.

Entry Requirements
Passports or original birth certificates may be used by US and Canadian citizens to enter St. John USVI, while citizens of all other countries must have a valid passport.

Time Zone
St. John USVI lies within Atlantic Standard Time, four hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.

Driving on St. John
Cars drive on the left-hand side of the road on St. John USVI (like Europe), while steering wheels will often be on the left as well (as in North America).

Outlets on St. John USVI use the same voltage as the mainland US, 110 volts.

Residents of St. John USVI mainly speak English, but with a Creole accent.

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